Candid- Point of Sales System

 30,000.00  25,000.00

  • USD: $177.18

‘Candid’ tracks the value of your inventory and improves stock control. For Agency Holders, one liner of ‘Candid’ is, “it define routes of every sales person and make sales accordingly with auto adjustment to customer’s ledgers. Stock is automatically adjusted as the sale is made or purchase takes place. We have designed this software in such a way that it works in automatic accounting and inventory control system”.


Candid is one of the easiest POS to set up for your business. 
Our years of diversified experience has enabled us to understand the needs of store owners and how much every second is important at checkout and cash counter. 
Candid is light and filled with all the features needed by stores on day-to-day basis so that your team can easily make it a part of operations


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